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however , it is worth noting that the "double eleven ," not only to earn a major electricity supplier pours , the line mall sales have significantly increased .Dual 12 transcript : 2640000 Taobao seller receives phone orders eighty percent increase in turnover Authentic parajumpers florida done , and what can do for these young people , what to do in the future , " said Jingdong Mall statement : " State regulation of e-commerce is the norm for the industry , Jingdong Mall will monitor the progress of the matter .Some even asserted that e-commerce has shown a periodic glut .

"In addition to looking for new opportunities in the development process , such as opportunities for the wireless field .More than a thousand of collectors from around the world attended the evenings auction.If this situation conduction to 2013 , Winter orders will also not optimistic.

This time, bring " Hurricane" big promotion of Wei, Yi Xun directly issued " expensive to lose ," the slogan for Jingdong , more products will be included in the parity category." Although the" two-eleven " is the most profitable electricity supplier , but after all it evokes shopping desires , led the sale of physical mall. pjs parajumpers jacket IT industry researcher Luo Qing believes that the major electricity supplier has never stopped "price war" , but there is a difference how much profit sharing rate , last years " price of water ," and frequent "price war " will bring fatigued , has been difficult in short stimulate strong consumer desire." for the future will tell whether other platform for cooperation , Huangguang Wen said the current existing first thing you want to do , the customer s spending habits also need training, target customers are also regular customers based stores , so do not be too eager to cooperate drainage and various platforms .The person said to strengthen the Treasury during the double- 11 production capacity, excellent purchase also seconded colleagues conducted Belle factory support .In China department store , "and my father wore jersey photo " letter sent to the official micro win prizes activities and samba parade scene girl , challenges and other activities are the best header hand ready .

"Double- eleven " is not electricity supplier war, but a new economy, new marketing methods and new business ecosystem of traditional ecosystem revolutionary subversion." Fair to attend the domestic footwear industry in Wenzhou Red Dragonfly chairman Qianjinbo said scale domestic export orders is incomparable .This also means that , with the ordinary flow of electricity supplier burn exchange difference is that Tencent electricity supplier not spend a penny , you can get a huge influx of traffic . Buy Discount parajumpers north face " This is also seen as a self Suning revolution, some analysts pointed out that this will change the future of Chinas retail industry.The Government has done a lot of work , but the " hand of the market " never push forward the business community .As one of the nations largest Internet company , Tencent force from last year electricity supplier , the formation of the holding company Tencent electricity supplier , first inject acquisition fast and easy network integration and then pat network and QQ Mall , will eventually put all the electricity supplier business QQ online shopping platters .

Buy Discount parajumpers north face "Don long + Jingdong " O2O model produced , is one of the highlights entity Retail depth cooperation with the network , also marks the traditional retail business "net" for the first time to achieve magnificent turn .Lynx and Taobao has attracted 213 million unique users visit, which attracted 10 million first minute independent users to join buy." China Central University of Finance and Banking Research Center , Guo Tian Yong ( microblogging ) , Professor analysts believe that after reducing business costs, profits space increases , discount larger space , and ultimately consumers also benefit .